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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 25, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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we will have more local good morning, america. pope francis arrives in new york. >> we love you. >> a parade through the heart of manhattan. prayers at st. patrick's. reaching out to the faithful, preparing this morning for a speech at the u.n., an emotional meeting at the 9/11 memorial. we are live every step of the way. also this morning, front-runners falling. donald trump's rivals closing the gap and turing up the heat. and the stunning new poll showing hillary clinton falling further behind in a make-or-break state. deadly crash. a tourist duck boat tearing a hole in the side of a bus. mangled metal on the road, four killed, dozens hospitalized. investigators on the scene. abc news exclusive. o.j. simpson in his own words.
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the never before seen deposition tapes 25 years after he was acquitted of murder. what he says about hitting his ex-wife. >> you had your fingers around her throat, correct? >> i could have touched her neck, yes. >> the dramatic moment hidden for years. you'll see it only on "gma" this morning. and we do say good morning, america. the feeling here in new york city, simply electric. with pope francis in town. >> which. >> oh, going down fifth avenue, the sidewalk packed with people and almost as many cameras. >> a lot of police car, a lot of cameras. a live look right now at the papal nunscia residence. he'll speak at the 9/11 memorial, schoolkids up in harlem then a walk through central park later this
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this morning's "new york post" in the spirit changing their name to "the new york pope." it has been an incredible week and, george, you're just getting back from d.c. where he was. how was it? >> so many memorable images. we remember sophie cruz, that 5-year-old girl who broke through the barriers was handed over to the pope then yesterday after that passionate speech before the congress, the pope appearing there with speaker boehner crying on the balcony and look at that sight, 50,000 people spread out across the west lawn of the capitol. >> that good feeling is taking itself right here to manhattan. >> and we have full team coverage today following the pope every step of the way. abc's cecilia vega stars us off at the 9/11 memorial. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. the pope will be here in just a couple of hours. this is his chance to meet with victims' families and first responders and i can tell you security in this neighborhood
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all-time high. an electric scene in midtown manhattan. the pope greeted by hundreds of thousands lining the streets of new york city as he made his way to st. patrick's cathedral. escorted by a massive motorcade moments after landing at jfk from washington on his plane called shepherd one and greeted by the big apple's favorite anthem. inside st. patrick's, francis stopping to bless the 17-year-old disabled girl. >> just to actually meet him and be in his presence is such a blessing. >> reporter: his homily drawing thunderous applause from the crowd thanking american nuns calling them women of strength after condemning clergy involved in the church's sex abuse scandal. pope francis departing to cheering flag heave waving fans who strained just to catch a glimpse. he finally retired for the night
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in the vatican owned town house. in washington, the day before, the pope's historic joint meeting with congress brought some to tears. including speaker of the house john boehner. >> most of us were once foreigners. >> reporter: vatican officials saying it's important for the spanish-speaking pope to deliver that message in english. he spent months practicing, but this morning it is back to a packed big apple schedule. a visit to the u.n., a presession through central park and a mass for 20,000 people at madison square garden including a serenade from broadway stars like harry connick jr., jennifer hudson and gloria estefan. >> there's a lot of emotion. there's a lot of devotion for him in that room and it's just a very different kind of feeling than in one of my concerts.
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the city that never sleeps. and the pope will be here again in just a couple of hours for this 9/11 memorial. now, among the people who will be here to greet him a rabbi and an imam, george. they will all be joining together in a prayer for peace. >> that's way downtown then after that all the way uptown to meet with immigrants and their families. >> reporter: a busy day, as you said, yes, that meeting up in harlem and this theme of immigration has been a huge one for the pope during his visit and they will present him with a gift, things like a tool belt or a soccer ball. you remember the pope telling congress he too is the son of immigrants. this is a theme we be hearing for the next couple of days. >> cecilia, thanks. robin, another big speech today. he addresses the united nations delivering a message to the world. he's just the fourth pope to speak before the general assembly and abc's terry moran is there at the u.n. for us this morning. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. pope francis speaks to world
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there's no question he's one of them. he's become a major player on the world stage and wants to talk about climate change and more deeply how it is linked in his view to a world economic system out of whack, poverty, war, what he calls the throwaway materialist culture and wants to call on world leaders to change policy in this area. a memorable moment last night at evening prayer praying for his muslim brothers and sisters, he said, offering condolences and sincere prayers for that terrible loss of life at the hajj and crossing the line between religions and in this christian, catholic environment reaching out as i said to his muslim brothers and sister, all part of his mission here in the united states and the world. robin. >> and around the world, you're right about that, terry. thank you. stay with us all morning. we will have special live coverage of the pope's speech at the united nations and his visit to new york.
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>> we'll move on to politics now, the race for president, "your voice, your vote" and the front-runners facing challenges this morning. carly fiorina shooting up to rival trump and stunning numbers from new hampshire showing bernie sanders opening up a big lead on hillary clinton. tom llamas tracking it all. good morning. >> reporter: a new dynamic starting to form in the race, trump's competition thinking he's vulnerable but he's still far and away the leader on the gop side. the crowds came to see the pope but for some, first they saw the donald, the billionaire waving to the crowds from his cathedral on fifth avenue, trump tower. trump still on top but the latest polls are showing him no longer growing. this morning, poll after poll showing carly fiorina and senator marco rubio as the biggest winners following last week's republican debate and a new poll from wmur, our affiliate in new hampshire, shows a shake-up in the granite state lineup. >> if i quit talking to all the people who attacked me i would have crawled under a rock long ago.
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>> reporter: and senator rubio who mostly stayed away from trump no longer holding back. >> he really never talks about issues and can't have more than a ten-second sound bite on any key issue and has been exposed a little bit and is a touchy and insecure guy. >> reporter: trump calls him a kid who repeats what he hears in congress. >> they sit in the senate even though he misses most of the votes, by the way. >> reporter: look at these numbers. here we go, sanders, clinton and biden. check out bernie sanders, the vermont senator, a double-digit lead over hillary clinton. george, back in july hillary clinton led this poll. >> now it's not even close. okay, tom, thanks very much. we'll cover a lot more on the race sunday on "this week." >> you'll have a lot to talk about this sunday. now to that horrific accident on a major bridge in seattle. a bus full of college students colliding with a tourist duck boat. four people were killed. dozens more injured, many critically. abc's ryan owens is in seattle.
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good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. these duck boats are popular with tourists but witnesses say the driver of one lost control with fatal results. >> dispatch requesting four additional units. >> reporter: the images are devastating, the casualty count staggering. four students are dead, nearly 50 people taken to the hospital after this collision on a downtown seattle bridge. >> i got out of my car and there are just bodies everywhere. >> reporter: investigators say a so-called ride the ducks amphibious vehicle carrying dozens of tourists plowed into the side of a bus here thursday morning. >> shot across all three lanes at full speed and people in the bus flew through the front of the windshield. >> dozening lie ings lying on the street. tourists on board the duck vehicle left stunned. >> come around the curb and he was pointing out the harbor and next thing i know he hit this
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bus here and just spinning around and people were being thrown out of the duck. >> reporter: all four of the dead were on board the tour bus carrying international exchange students for north seattle college. the school still working to notify the next of kin. >> it's too early at this point to draw any conclusions as to the cause of this accident. >> reporter: that will be up to the national transportation safety board. this morning, the agency sending a team to investigate. ride the ducks tour company releasing a statement expressing their condolences and saying they will cooperate with the investigation and that safety is their highest priority. and this morning, the duck boat company here announcing they will not run any of their vehicles until monday at the earliest out of respect for all of those victims. george. >> sad accident. ryan, thanks very much. tough weather. tornado reported. flash floods strike south carolina overnight. ginger, they caused real damage.
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>> you can see this flipped rv, johns island, south carolina, where the tornado was reported. not only flipping things but turning over trees, taking out power lines then this, you see that. that's columbia, south carolina, rescues ongoing, flash flooding bringing almost 2 inches of rain in just one hour. and the rain is still falling this morning. most of it in north carolina, southern virginia but it wraps all the way into northern georgia and eastern alabama so something that we'll be watching as we go through the weekend because this is a slow-mover. robin, i'll have a whole lot more in your nation's weather. >> in the meantime, another bizarre twist in the case of the stanley cup winner accused of sexual assault. the attorney for patrick kane's accuser resigning overnight outside the woman's mother's home. ryan smith is following the case for us. >> reporter: a bizarre turn indeed less than 48 hours after calling an investigation into that bag the woman's lawyer
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dropping the case saying he lacks confidence in the story he was told. a stunning about-face from the lawyer representing a woman accusing chicago blackhawks forward patrick kane of sexual assault. attorney thomas eoannou calling it quits thursday. >> it's my ethical obligation to withdraw. >> reporter: one day after claiming in a press conference the accuser's mother discovered this empty evidence bag torn open, wedged into her screen door, suggesting the kit had been tampered with. >> we know this because the bag has a label on it. it contains my client's identity. >> reporter: but now eoannou says he no longer believes that story citing an ethical responsibility to come forward. >> the manner in which i received it and it was represented to me, i'm uncomfortable with. >> reporter: and now patrick kane's attorney lashing out and not ruling out possible legal action against the accuser. >> the integrity of the accusations has been completely
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undermined. i feel that patrick kane has been victimized. >> reporter: but eoannou maintains that this turn of events should not detract from his former client's credibility in her case against kane and this morning, the accuser's family releasing a statement to the "buffalo news" saying they are disappointed but "we have every intention of pursuing this case to a just conclusion." kane has not been charged with a crime in this case and has maintained his innocence. >> i am confident that once all of the facts are brought to light, i will be absolved of having done nothing wrong. >> reporter: the accuser's now former lawyer claiming none of his team has ever seen anything like this. authorities saying previously that all the evidence in this case remains in its original packaging. robin. >> ryan, thank you. now amy with the other top stories starting with a landmark deal from china. >> that's right. the president of china announced a sweeping agreement today aimed at limping greenhouse gas emissions. the deal comes as president
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chinese counterpart at a state dinner tonight. the initiative would force chinese industries to buy permits to pollute creating an incentive for them to use cleaner energy. the so-called cap and trade system could be in place by 2017. well, a u.s. college student detained in north korea was allowed to make a statement overnight. 21-year-old joo won-moon says he has not been able to contact his family but is in good health, moon who attends new york university admits illegally crossing into north korea back in april. his fate, however, remains unclear. well, authorities in saudi arabia are promising a speedy investigation into that stampede that killed 719 muslim pilgrims near mecca. they died as two waves of people collided at an intersection. wall street is reacting to janet yellen. raise interest rates before the end of this year. there was some concern about
7:15 am
she appeared disoriented and paused turns out she just got dehydrated and is okay this morning. bmw is denying a report that claims the company manipulated emission tests on at least one of its vehicle, that report led to a drop in bmw stock. meanwhile, top engineers at volkswagen are expected to resign because of that company's emissions cheating scandal. the justice department and the epa are considering criminal charges. and finally, attention, all you muscle men out there. bigger is apparently not better when it comes to strength. a new study finds bodybuilders' muscle cells are bigger, sure, but they're not necessarily stronger than men who don't lift weights. researchers say all that punching iron breaks down muscle fiber and after a certain point strength does not increase with size. they say if you want stronger muscles, you should just lift smaller weights with higher repetitions and that builds the strength.
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>> like all the guys in the studio are going -- >> we all got to see those pictures again, okay, thank you very much. a doctor springs to action and saves the day, that story in 30 seconds. a great story for you. a quick-thinking doctor saved the life of a toddler having trouble breathing on a transatlantic flight and linzie janis has the details. >> reporter: it could have been
7:17 am
hit tv show "macgyver." dr. kreshi guru of buffalo, new york, jumping into action 10,000 feet in the air. >> if we did not intervene at the time i intervened it would have been much more dainius. >> reporter: he was on a 7 7 1/2-hour trip from spain to new york when halfway through a 2-year-old on board with asthma started struggling to breathe. his parents accidentally packing his medication in their checked luggage. >> i heard announcement looking for physician. i started thinking that i got to come out with a way so we can kind of provide the oxygen and the medication in a nice way. >> reporter: with no pediatric devices available and in true superhero fashion he turned an inhaler into a makeshift anyone lyzer using a water bottle, a plastic cup, an oxygen tank and oxygen mask.
7:18 am
child felt better and at the end of the flight, he was playing with the mom and they were pretty happy. >> reporter: he is not just a good samaritan with an md. he is actually the director of robotic surgery at new york's roswell park cancer institute and while the medical macgyver was able to come to the 2-year-old's rescue -- >> at the end of the day the message is always carry your medications you need with you. >> reporter: linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> thank goodness he was there. >> yes. >> i like how she said medical macgyver. >> indeed. more ahead this friday morning, an abc news exclusive for you, o.j. simpson in his own words, a first look at the dramatic long lost tapes answering questions about his ex-wife nicole. >> see those bruises on her face. >> no. >> you don't see anything. >> no. >> the never-before-scene exclusive video only here on "gma." a major health scare for kim zolciak-biermann.
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before we get to ginger and the weather want to tell you coming up on "gma" exclusive video of o.j. simpson talking about his ex-wife, ginger? yes, and we have that low pressure system we talked about causing all the rain in the southeast. we'll also have the full moon sunday night. as that comes in you'll have high tide and coastal flood advisory, high surf advisories
7:23 am
way to southern long island. good morning. friday, september 25th. i'm ken rosato. topping headlines, the pope's very busy day ahead. dry clark is live on the upper east side. dray. >> good morning, ken. as we approach the 8:00 hour when we expect pope francis will leave the home with the papal nun see ya security is getting tighter. you can see the heavily armed secret service agents. they will be part of the motorcade that will usher pope francis from this location on east 72nd street to the u.n. there are a couple of hundred nypd and secret service agents as well as you can see the bomb knifings dogs. there are barricades, snipers on the roof. this is an area on lockdown. meanwhile, pope francis arrived last night just before 9:00
7:24 am
after leaving saint pat thrice pop-up shower cathedral. he made the short trip uptown on 5th avenue to the home of the papal nuncio between madison and 5th. along the way there were thousands waving and snapping pictures of the motorcade to get a glimpse of the pontiff as he made his way to the upper east side. the pope is known for getting up at an early hour. it's hard to see that 11,000 square foot town house but you may be able to see the flag there, the pap pam flag outside the -- papal flag outside the home. we expect the pontiff to leave around 8:00. he is scheduled to be at the u.n. by 8:30. line on the upper east side, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we check the commute with heather. >> ken, you heard dray say he will leave around 8:15 to get to the u.n. he is scheduled to be there at 8:30. we have closures around the
7:25 am
to be in place throughout the time that the pope is there. i'm sure security will get tighter. that is 46th through 42nd between fdr drive. we will head to the maps an talk to you about the fdr drive. ramp to northbound 472nd closed with police activity. this will be closed on and off throughout tomorrow. you can get into manhattan using a train, a bus, there will be extra service. expect delays and diversions. street cleaning rules are
7:26 am
>> there you g meteorologist bill evans with the foreclosure. >> it's gorgeous outside. great day today all the way around. beautiful. by the time we get to noontime,
7:27 am
in between 1:00 and 4:00, 76 and cool to sunset at 6:45. a beautiful day today. a nice breeze. beautiful in central park today for the pope's arrival and papal mass later on. gorgeous. tomorrow another great day. a little cooler. clouds and sun, 74. cloudy sunny day and 72, showers finally by monday. ken? >> bill, thank you. that's the news for now.
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at the united nations, pope francis will arrive there later this morning to address the again assembly. only the fourth pope to address the united nations and we'll have live coverage late they are morning. we do say good morning, america, on this friday morning following that big story, of course, and here are other headline, as well. the president of china at the white house tonight for a state dinner. he is meeting with president obama to discuss hacking and making a big announcement about pollution. and big lines for the new iphone. there's a look this morning. people waiting -- not waiting for the pope. waiting there on fifth avenue to buy apple's latest gadget which goes on sale across the country expecting to sell more than 13 million. >> wow. >> what is so different about it that you have to have it? >> it's new. >> it's new, of course. >> the latest. >> okay.
7:30 am
too. >> oh. >> i'm with you on that one, amy. how is it getting around? everybody okay? >> not too bad. >> but it is causing a little gridlock, the pope we're talking about, of course, one couple to scramble their wedding reception planned right in the path of the pope. they're going to join us live this morning and, amy, you'll have that in "the speed feed" hoping to have their reception in central park. >> at the same time. >> you know, if it rains on your wedding and is good luck i bet the pope is too. >> my daughter, not enough gridlock, she has to go to school. the o.j. simpson tapes never seen before. they show the depositions for his civil trial and for the first time we hear simpson's chilling testimony about his relationship with his ex-wife, nicole. "20/20" anchor elizabeth vargas here with the interview. >> they were locked away 20 years in an underground storage
7:31 am
that is until film producers for lmn and a&e unearthed them. on "20/20" we have a first look at those long lost video depositions watching o.j. simpson under oath answering the tough questions he managed to avoid in the criminal trial. >> good morning, mr. simpson. >> good morning? my name is daniel petrocelli and i represent ronald goldman. >> this is a first look at long lost videotape, o.j. simpson in his own word, the culmination of a media frenzy that started with the 1994 murders of his ex-wife nicole and her friend ron goldman. >> the body of 34-year-old nicole brown simpson, ex-wife of o.j. simpson was found after midnight. >> reporter: there was that infamous slow-speed bronco chase. >> this is a.c., i have o.j. in the car. he's still alive. he's got a gun to his head. >> reporter: the arrest of the football superstar.
7:32 am
>> reporter: and the trial that captivated the world. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: o.j. simpson was acquitted of murder in a verdict that polarized the nation. >> we find orenthal j. simpson not guilty in the crime of murder. >> reporter: this is never before seen video of a celebration at his house. here he is hugging best friend and bronco driver a.c. cowling but those were short-lived. the victims' families sued him for wrongful death in civil court. he's in the civil case. is it an annoyance? >> it's not just an annoyance. for the first time he has to temperature. in the criminal case you can say i'm not going to testify. in a civil case you don't have that right and that made the civil case totally different. >> reporter: now for the first time the long lost exclusive video unearthed by filmmakers to
7:33 am
documentaries on a&e and lmn. >> these are just some of the deposition tapes that were recorded on as you can see vhs. >> reporter: dan spent days hammering at o.j.'s tumultuous relationship with nicole grilling him on the photographs of her bruised and battered face. >> you see those bruises on her face? >> no. >> you don't see anything? >> no. i mean i see this eye thing. >> you don't think this picture reflects any bruising or injuries or marks on nicole's face? >> no, i don't. >> what do you think this reflects. >> i think it reflects doing a movie we were doing and we were doing makeup. >> he says she was wearing makeup for a horror movie. >> he had so many explanations. >> reporter: filmmaker lawrence schiller helped uncover the forgotten deposition tapes. what do you see when you look at those tapes. >> he a damg good actor. >> reporter: he admits to hurting her but won't say how. >> never struck her in the face, correct. >> no.
7:34 am
>> inform hurt your wife. >> no, i hurt my wife. i never punched her, yes. >> you had your fingers around her throat, correct? >> i could have touched her neck, yes. >> what do you mean you could have touched he. this was a violent episode. >> his mantra, i take full responsibility as though this was an apology made on some press tour or something. you know, we're in a legal proceeding. >> reporter: but the key testimony was still to come. the killer of nicole brown and ron goldman left a key piece of evidence at the scene. a shoe print stamped in the victim's blood. >> it was a size 12 shoe. >> reporter: simpson's size and the brand, bruno mali, own 299 pairs of that shoe in that size were ever sold in the united states. >> it's not a common shoe. >> no. >> reporter: prosecutors in the criminal trial were never able to prove that simpson owned those bruno mali shoes. petrocelli questions him about it.
7:35 am
>> did you ever buy shoes you knew were bruno mali shoes. >> no, i knew if bruno magli made shoes that looked like in this case i never would have worn those ugly [ bleep ] shoes. >> you think those were ugly [ bleep ] shoes. >> yes. >> reporter: a photograph emerges first in the national enquirer o.j. simpson wearing bruno magli shoes at a football game nine months before the football game. petrocelli brings him back for another round of questions. watch o.j.'s reaction. >> that's a picture of you looking at exhibit 1. >> yes. >> looking at the close-up of the shoes do you believe those were shoes you owned at that time? >> no. >> those ugly [ bleep ] shoed i would never own. there you are. >> his story was, well, yeah, that's me in the picture, but that's -- those are not my
7:36 am
went to trial more than 30 more photos of simpson wearing those shoes had emerged. after 41 days of testimony, the jury found simpson responsible and awarded the victims' families $33.5 million. >> we finally have justice for ron and nicole. >> reporter: and that justice in civil court actually led to a prison sentence eventually in las vegas when simpson was arrested years later for armed robbery, stealing memorabilia he claimed was his trying to sell it on the black market to avoid paying the goldmans. >> did they ever get -- >> not a penny. they have not collected a single penny according to fred goldman from o.j. simpson in this judgment, $33.5 million they were awarded. they were able to seize some assets like the heisman trophy that they were able to sell but they were not able to collect anything directly from simpson himself. he was in an underground cash market and these tapes are extraordinary. remember, this was a trial of
7:37 am
the century, 95 million people watched that white bronco case. >> his demeanor. it's not just what he's saying but how he's saying it with no feeling whatsoever and his expression when he saw that photograph of the shoes. >> right, it's extraordinary. you really will see a lot more on "20/20." he is at times arrogant. he is at times flippant. he's at times angry and, of course, you know, we got these deposition tapes through lmn and a&e and they're two amazing documentaries coming up on september 30th. "the secret tapes of the o.j. case: the untold story" and on lmn we have "on speaks: the hidden tapes" on october 1st. those two coming up but you'll have a first look tonight. >> tonight, that's right. so good to see you, elizabeth. good to have you here. tune in, hidden tapes tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. a lot more ahead on "gma," the latest on that birth control battle. the device a million women use, well, that device is under fire. dozens of women testifying against it.
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we're back at 7:43 with emotional testimony at an fda hearing about the safety of a birth control device implanted in a million women. thousands of women have complavened about health problems and abc's reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: overnight more than 40 women testifying before a panel for the fda asking them to pull the popular birth control implant essure. >> these side effects are real. in our experiences are real. >> reporter: the meeting called after thousands of complaints of serious side effects including headache, depression and heavy bleeding. >> these are life-altering side ee at thes that stop you from functioning as a person. >> maybe it's time to consider the proven permanent birth control of essure. >> reporter: it's marketed as the only nonsurge cal form of permanent birth control made of two metallic coils inserted into the fallopian tubes and while
7:43 am
the label warns about possible pain and allergic reaction some reported their pain being so intense they required invaseive surgery to have the device removed. after hours of testimony the panel suggesting more research about allergic reactions to essure, adjusting the label to give more information about potential identify effects suggesting more training for doctors on implanting and removing the device. essure's er bayer says while it sympathizes with women who have had discomfort it is standing by its product. >> our assessment concludes that the overall benefit risk profile of essure remains positive. >> reporter: bayer says its highest priority is patient safety and committed to maintaining an open dialogue. worsd of little solace to some. >> i'm here to say enough. women deserve and demand better than what these devices are doing to our bodies. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> and our thanks to reena for that report. coming up how one soon-to-be
7:44 am
reception, oh, could run into a major roadblock and you're looking at the reason there. >> there's the clue. >> come on back. when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide seven million vaccines. make your flu shot make a world of difference. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap.
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7:48 am
hey baby we got "the speed feed" and it's the papal edition as you see those folks lining the streets of manhattan trying to catch a glimpse of the pope. well, that usually brings about some gridlock. >> yes, it does. serious. >> and patricia o'connor and michael sheridan have been planning their big day in manhattan for more than a year. a church wedding in the bronx then a reception at the central park boathouse. picture perfect. what could go wrong? but as their guests head to the boathouse, well, pope francis will also be on his way to central park. 80,000 people expected to attend the reception uninvited. michael is here with us and patricia joins us by phone because you don't want to see each other on your wedding day. want to keep that tradition intact. did you plan on 80,000 guests? >> no, definitely not. 150. >> you booked this back in january of 2014. almost two years ago.
7:49 am
at what point did you hear there might be a massive hiccups. >> about two months ago. when his itinerary came out and uh-oh. we get we better do something. >> like you need this additional stress, patricia. >> i know, i know, it's nerve-racking. but very exciting. >> have you figured out a strategy to navigate central park? >> the boathouse is working on that so we're kind of leaving that in their hands. >> it's going to be fine. you're on the east side. he's on the west side. don't worry about it and congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you, patricia. when we come back the latest on princess kate's new role. here's a great improve this! tip from loews.
7:50 am
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who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. the one to find a cure, to clean the oceans, to lead a country. bring water to their village, write the next masterpiece, or open a school. explore a new planet or be the next davinci. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we don't know who it is, we just need to make sure she has what she needs.
7:53 am
the future starts now for all of us. the valley fire in california now 87% contained but we can now see the burn scars, 76,000 acres at least burned so
7:54 am
7:55 am
good morning, friday, september 25th. ' eye ken rosato. the pope's first full day in new york city. it's a busy one. we are moments way from pope francis departure from the home of the papal nuncio. look at the live security on the upper east side. the pontiff is staying at the papal nuncio's residence. he will head south to the united nations and address the u.n. general assembly. pope francis will visit a school in east harlem today and later it will pass through to celebrate mass at madison square garden. crowds are going through security to get in to central park for today's papal procession. final pieces of the fencing put into place onntral park southeasterly this morning. thousands of tickets were given away at a lottery.
7:56 am
those with tickets will be the only ones allowed in the park. the pope will drive along the west side greeting the crowds tonight. we check the commute. here is heather. >> we have a quiet commute as far as the roads are concerned outside of manhattan. but we have closures dunn n downtown near the 9/11 memorial and museum. avoid that. now, those closures are expected to reopen at 1:00 p.m. let's head to the maps. we have extra service on new jersey transit trains and buses, path trains and metro north trains and that will begin after 10:00 a.m. we have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended today. the metered are in effect. ken, back to you. >> metro metro bill evans with the forecast. >> great day today, breezy, clouds, sun. perfect fall day. 65 degrees. great day. warming up to around 70 by noontime to 72 then we hit 76 this afternoon. sun and clouds, breezy, temperature 75 is a perfect
7:57 am
afternoon for a papal visit. sunshine and clouds 74 tomorrow and 72 sunday. ken? >> thank you, sir. that is the news for now. "good morning america" continues after the break here
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. and pope francis is here in new york. an emotional morning as he heads to ground zero. we're with him every step of the way. major health scare. reality star and "dancing" contestant kim zolciak revealing she suffered a scary mini stroke. part of her body going numb. her speech suddenly gone. the latest on her condition. the princess and the prisoners, royal event like any other visiting vicks and drug dealers this morning. and priyanka chopra here live. why she's about to become a household name in the u.s. see what she's teaching us as we say --
8:00 am
>> good morning, america. i like how one said, yes, good morning. heard you. superstar priyanka chopra, she's been in so many movies all around the world. talk dirty to me and there she is. taking selfies. i got to tell you -- >> as big as it gets overseas and this is it her first time here on -- >> thanks. >> it hurts. >> looking forward to that later on but the latest on our series on kids and screen time. i guess one mom lets her use the tablet as much as he want, she thinks it's fine. a lot have questions about it. dr. besser will answer just ahead. but amy first with the morning rundown. >> the big story, the pope's visit to new york. hundreds of thousands of people are lining the streets of manhattan just hoping to get a glimpse of him. he kicked off his visit at st. patrick's cathedral.
8:01 am
his first stop this morning is the united nations where he'll address the general assembly expected to talk about climate change, poverty and war before heading to the world trade center site in lower manhattan and that is where abc's cecilia vega continues our live coverage this morning. cecilia, good morning. >> reporter: hi, amy. the pope will be here in just a few hours meeting with victims' families and first responders, this is a whirlwind tour of the big apple. just 39 hours and 40 minutes on the ground but it started with a bang. the pope landing at jfk, the band on the tarmac playing what else "new york new york." the crowds lining the streets to see him and the pope and his popemobile often the iconic fifth avenue and has a packed schedule heading up to harlem to meet with schoolchildren and immigrants and there will be a procession through central park. 80,000 people expected there then a huge mass at madison square garden with a huge celebrity lineup. when he wraps up the trip he heads to the next stop,
8:02 am
philadelphia. >> all right, cecilia vega, thank you. and stay with abc news for live coverage of the pope's visit to new york including his speech at the united nations this morning. in the meantime, federal investigators are on their way to seattle hoping to determine what caused a devastating crash that killed four people and injured dozens more. a bus full of college students was heading to the popular pike place market when it collided with a tourist duck boat on a major bridge. a witness says the front tire of the duck boat appeared to lock up before that crash. well, in the race for president, a new poll shows democrat bernie sanders surging against hillary clinton. the vermont senator holding a 16-point lead over clinton in new hampshire. also moving up, republican carly fiorina, new polling showing her in second place behind donald trump for the first time. and a developing story from los angeles. a saudi prince has been arrested at his massive estate in beverly hills accused of sexually
8:03 am
assaulting a woman who works on his compound. neighbors reported seeing an injured woman trying to climb over a fence surround that property. police say the prince does not have diplomatic immunity and he is set to appear in court next month. finally it's the day apple lovers have been waiting for, the new iphone 6s is going on sale. but check out who is in line at apple store in palo alto, california. that's a robot and you see the woman there on the screen, well, she is actually in san diego. she's number 15 in line. she says i'm in line like everybody else. i just have a different, you know face, right. her device is called the beam pro remote presence device and apparently it counts. >> people are respecting that. >> yes, exactly. getting their selfies. >> picking her up and moving her as the line goes is there she can roll. >> looks like she's rolling. >> i'm not sure how she can pay for it. >> apple pay.
8:04 am
>> give me my phone. >> find out what happens. we have a lot more ahead here. kim zolciak revealing she had a mini stroke after "dancing with the stars" and what caused it. the latest on her condition. the new iphone. is it time foran upgrade? >> no. >> upgrade, upgrade. we're testing it out just ahead. >> new charger. >> don't get me started. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems, or other medical conditions. and about all the medicines you take
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8:07 am
what to do if you don't want strangers touching your baby bump. all that and international superstar priyanka chopra is with us right here. we're going to talk, we're going to dance. i mean, look at the crowd. right here on "gma." come on back. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light
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8:09 am
and that... is unacceptable. at st. jude children's research hospital we won't stop until no child dies from cancer. this september, please join st. jude in our fight to end childhood cancer. welcome back to "gma" and time for "heat index" and this morning's hot button. that serious health scare for kim zolciak hit by a mini stroke after returning from this week's "dancing with the stars" and abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: this morning reality star kim zolciak biermann says she suffered what she called a men nye-stroke instagraming this pic from her hospital bed saying the last 24 hours have been a whirlwind. the don't be tardy star and
8:10 am
mother of six says when she got home to atlanta wednesday morning after "dancing with the stars," she suffered a trance cent ischemic attack. a t.i.a. or a mini stroke adding the left side of my body went completely numb and my speech was gone. >> flying, running around with a hectic lifestyle made her more susceptible most likely to a stroke. >> reporter: neurologist dr. dolly roy specializes in strokes but is not kim's doctor. she says t.i.a.s happen when a blood clot blocks blood flow in the brain but the blockage goes away quickly. >> to add full days of dancing on to an already busy schedule. six kids coming at her saying, mom, i need this, i need this. it can be stressful. >> i need to check my phone. >> reporter: the 37-year-old revealing she also got botox only hours before her dance routine on monday night but doctors say they can't imagine
8:11 am
how that could have anything to do with her illness though dr. roy says wearing a corset which she is famous for doing may have played a part. >> wearing a corset might make breathing hard enand put strain on your heart. >> reporter: no word yet on whether kim will return to the dance floor after a rocky start to the season, she bounced back strong in week two. perform. kim can a big personality and people want to see her on television. >> reporter: the outspoken reality star remains in the hospital. she has 100% of her feeling back. instagraming this pic of her and her husband saying all that matters, family. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> hope she gets better. >> we're glad she's feeling better. already drama. usually you have to wait a little longer. glad she's doing better. now to our series on kids and screen time this morning. a question so many parents face,
8:12 am
a new poll finds 63% of moms and dads turn to tablets to distract their children when they're too busy to parent but some do it even when they're not. becky worley met with one mom who makes the case in favor of screen time. >> reporter: handing a screen to your kid, what do you feel? for many it's a sense of guilt. but not all parents feel that way. >> what's that? >> peekaboo. >> reporter: mia kim has a free rein policy on screen time. her son can use it whenever he wants. we met him four years ago as a toddler. >> really he does have a head start. >> reporter: he had his own ipad with 70 apps, fast forward and he is 5 starting kindergarten. >> i think he would probably already identify as a geek ipad. has his own phone. >> reporter: she monitors what he plays but doesn't limit screen time. >> he might play mine craft for
8:13 am
half hour, an hour in the evening. >> reporter: she says some days his screen usage is three or our hours. her pediatrician has pushed back. >> he said not until they're 7 don't let them do it at all and my question is always, why? >> reporter: it's a good question. there are studies showing short-term negative affects with disrupted sleep or increased vocabulary there haven't been long-term studies. what is a parent to do? >> our approach to technology is to put quality educational content in the hands, in the lives of young children. >> reporter: rosemary trulio from tv and ad maker sesame workshop says there is an opportunity to teach through devices. >> screens are not bad. screens are tools. the question is, what content is being delivered through a screen? >> reporter: and while content clearly matter, so does time.
8:14 am
for kids 3 to 18 the recommendation is no more than two hours a day. but a 201 study found kids eight to tenaveraged eight hours in front of a screen. when it comes to toddler, the american academy of pediatrics says no screens for kids under 2. how do you counter that? >> if a parent is plopping them in front of a tv screen they're using it as a baby-sitter. >> reporter: kids like screens and parents are deeply conflicted. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, new york. >> dr. richard besser joins us now. let's dive in because there's really good questions here. first up, karen write, what's the best way to convince a toddler to stop using a phone/tablet and play without causing anger or a meltdown? >> yeah, there are a lot of questions around that. well, you know, you're going to have to deal with the meltdown. that's just the way it is. setting limits isn't easy whether you're telling a child
8:15 am
when they have to go to bed or take a bath, it's what parenting is about and if all the care givers are consistent, right, then over time the meltdowns go away and they learn to deal with conflict and frustration. you're the parent and have to set the limit. >> consistency. >> exactly. once you give in you get in trouble. >> janet writes i'm worried that my 2-year-old is hurting her eyes by using my phone to watch her shows/apps. how will i know for sure? do we know the impact. >> we do and the good news is that the screen time, the time you spend on screens does not damage your eyes. you -- your eyes may get tired but doesn't damage them. there is a suggestion, though, if you're not getting enough sunlight that can increase the chances of you being nearsighted. putting it away and going out in the sun to play works wonders. >> put it down, go outside. old-fashioned thing called playing outside. jason writes this, i have a 3-year-old boy, a 5-year-old girl who only want to be on devices. how much time should i allow them to be on them? >> yeah, so the academy of
8:16 am
pediatrics said under 2, no time. your brain is developing very rapidly. above that, two hours a day, all screens combined so tv, computer, devices, and as you were saying yesterday, if you're on it all day long, if you're not modeling that behavior there's though way you can limit your child to two hours. >> 3 and 5-year-olds. i'm like, well, he didn't go to the store to buy the apps so -- >> exactly. how do i get hem to stop playing this war game. don't buy it for them in the first place. >> what are some of your recommendations? >> everything in moderation. there was a recent survey that said 63% of parents use this as a pacifier. you don't want to do that. kids need to learn how to deal with boredom. when you're picking apps, i like apps that aren't about tapping and swiping. this is a simple drawing app and when children have this, it's like a palette and they can change the colors and they can draw things, those kind of apps are really creative and apps where you're reading a book and extends you into the story with other kind of activities
8:17 am
involved in that, those are really good. >> parents are doing the best they can. they want this information and there are many ways, you say you can use it for good. >> exactly. their teachers can give them ideas of apps they've used in school. >> this from a pediatrician, ladies and gentlemen. let's get to george. >> a lot of good advice. up next on our health heath, kate visiting a prison this morning reaching out to women dealing with substance abuse and addiction. abc's jennifer eccleston is in london with more on this big charity. jennifer. >> reporter: good morning, george. it was a royal event unlike any other for princess kate visiting prisoners in london and talking about issues like addiction and rehabilitation, two subs very close to her heart. the princess and the prisoners, drug dealers and murderers, female convicts sharing an intimate moment with a royal on a mission. triumph over adversity, women beating the odds, it's the beating heart of her seven charities.
8:18 am
>> kate is showing she's not afraid to tell them she sympathizes with their plight and i think that that's really showing she's being brave and not being afraid to tackle a difficult subject. >> reporter: princess kate's little one, george and charlotte at home with the nanny, the new mom today relaxed, engaged and clearly moved. >> were you aware of this because of the -- >> reporter: for the guests, the feelings were mutual. the new face of the british monarchy itching to show she's more than glamour and glitz and eager to use her growing global celebrity for maximum impact. royal causes, of course, are nothing new. ins princes william and harry are patrons of dozens of charities. here the royal brothers donning personalized hard hats doing a bit of diy for disabled veterans issues inherited from their
8:19 am
princess diana crushing the aids stigma with a hug. the legacy of the people's princess. >> one of the things that characterized diana was that she was not afraid to really reach out to the most vulnerable people in society, even when some people were shunning them and thought they shouldn't be helped. so she was breaking down barriers there and i think that's what kate is trying to do with this visit. >> we can expect to see a lot more of kate in the coming months tackling those tough issues but also spending a lot more time with her most cherished cause, her two children. george. >> i'll bet she will. okay, jennifer, thanks very much. outside to ginger. >> we have our own princess out here. both turning 13, liza and hannah
8:20 am
>> you guys, i love you so many great folks out here. niece lsu bears have been following me around. i'll be in for "pop." >> in honor of his royal holiness, pope news. and we begin with this.
8:21 am
another brit making his mark on the 007 legacy, the name smith. sam smith and he's blowing everyone away by releasing the 24th james bond theme song called "writing's on the wall." take a listen. risk it all >> that's a bond song. could you break -- >> go, sam. >> if i risk it all could you break my fall? that is the question. the movie is "spectre," the theme written by smith and jimmy napes that racked up all those grammys for "stay with me" and wrote it in 30 minutes. i mean that's -- >> when you got it, you got it. >> falsetto, so good. >> glad he's doing well. because the writing's on the wall >> i like it. it is so bond. anyway, he said he tried to put himself in bond's shoes and
8:22 am
that's why it came right out. >> in 30 minutes? thank you. they'll just keep going with that. you remember kanye's dropped the mike moment at the end of the vmas when he announced he was running for president in 2020. turns out he wasn't kidding. the rapper told "vanity fair" magazine it's serious. he says he does have a lot of research to do and some growing up to do, he dare says in the next five years. his theory the world can be helped through design. very important, creative and forward thinkers. the first lady, kim kardashian -- >> that's the issue? >> 35. >> he's 38. he's plenty old. >> plenty old enough to run for president and says he doesn't believe in running against someone. he would prefer to work with that -- with -- >> oh. >> it all makes sense. look out, d.c., sounds like a kind ler gentler kanye wants
8:23 am
trump says kanye is a nice guy. i look forward to running against him someday. >> i can't believe this is a halfway serious question. >> george, i don't know why it still surprises you. this is pope news, after all. >> i would watch reality tv in the white house. >> absolutely. finally, guys this is important. seems like everybody tuned in to shonda land's tgit premiere night. one little girl inspired after watching "grey's anatomy." >> check out -- check her out, punching. she actually -- >> oh. >> she has it. >> look. >> oh. dr. grey, watch out, never too young to learn to save a life. >> you know, actually that is a song you should be playing in your head when you do it, that's ha, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive. stayin' alive. i remember doing a piece on that. whether you do that or not --
8:24 am
>> some real moves. >> >> that was pope news. >> stick around.
8:25 am
good morning. 8:27 friday, september 25th. i'm ken rosato. topping headlines, pope francis has arrived at the united nations. you are looking live at the united nations. the pope just arriving moments ago. he was agreed by the u.n. secretary general. let's take a look at video when he first arrived. this is him arriving, suffering from pain from sciatica. he walks carefully. this is in the last ten minutes standing next to the u.n. general. he is getting ready to address the united nations assembly within the next hour or so. we will bring take to you -- that to you this morning when he does.
8:26 am
a lot of closures throughout new york. heather o'rourke has that for us. >> one was the fdr drive as they moved the pope from the residence to the united nations. the fdr is jam packed on to the southbound side. everything is still subject to closure as you go through that spot. let's head to the maps. completely avoid the area of the united nations. this will cause the delay into that spot. avoid that if you can. utilize mass transit if you are heading into the city today. we have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended today but those metered rules
8:27 am
>> thank you, meteorologist bill evans with the forecast. >> a look outside tells you what you need to know about the weather so far. it's absolutely gorgeous. a mixture of sun and high clouds. temperatures are quite mild. a few degrees warmer than normal. we will look at 55 degrees. 67 up the hudson river valley. 63 long island. really pretty day today. we are looking at about 72 to 74 by noontime. 76 this afternoon which is perfect weather. sun and clouds and 75. breezy this afternoon. absolutely delightful weather. into tomorrow, we got clouds and sun, temperatures about 74 sunday. rain coming. we have a shot at showers monday and tuesday. have a great weekend.
8:28 am
that's the news [ cheers and applause ] we welcome you back to "gma." a look at pope francis arriving at the united nations moments ago met by the secretary-general, the pope is addressing the general assembly this morning and we will cover that for you >> that is coming up in just a little bit. international superstar priyanka chopra, she is here about to make her american tv debut on abc's new show "quantico." more with her coming right up. >> i spent a little time with her inside. she said do you think they're going to like me over here? you're going to be fine. she knows it. she knows it. hey, lsu, even though i'm -- [ cheers and applause ] they're playing syracuse. i went to a rival school so you'll have to hold that for me, southeastern lions all the way. many women will tell you one of the worst pars of being pregnant, all the people who
8:29 am
feel they have the right to touch the belly. >> do they do that to you? >> just wait. it's coming. poking stage. >> oh. well, we see it as an open invitation. one angry mom, not ginger says enough is enough. abc's mara schiavocampo has that story for us. >> reporter: ah, the joys of pregnancy. diligently getting ready for sleepless nights but the one thing many women don't expect when they're expecting, nine months of unwanted belly touchers, just like in the movie "juno." everyone is grabbing my belly all the time. >> yep, it can be a real problem. just ask toni lynn horning. >> when it first happened i thought, okay, one random person that's just touching my stomach hen it just kept happening. it was the most bizarre thing. >> reporter: in an article for
8:30 am
became a mystical magnet drawing the ole and young to its center. >> and i was so huge that taking any sort of fast step back, i was afraid that i would fall backwards because my balance was so horrible and i was tripping anyway. i didn't have enough guts to actually say, you know, please take your hands offer my stomach because this is mine, not yours. >> had this happens to a lot of moms they're cringing on the inside. they want to grit their teeth and move on as quickly as possible. >> so what can women do about un unwelcome baby bump touching? just say no. >> if you see that hand coming toward your belly, one of the best things to do is put your own hand in front of your stomach and say, you know, i just don't feel comfortable with people touching my tummy. if they don't understand that, you know, that's their problem. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> so we asked you, do you think it's okay to touch a woman's baby bump without asking?
8:31 am
98% of you said, no. only 2% said yes. keep on voting on our website at on yahoo! where do you fall on this? >> i say no. i think especially with a stranger. my hairstylist and makeup people do it all morning. they just hole on. >> i won't touch your belly. >> no one will be looking at us anyway because lara is with -- >> priyanka, yes. never seen our crew so happy and so attentive. thank you and that must be for me. no, it's for priyanka chopra. already an international film and music powerhouse now making her u.s. tv debut, conquering on a new abc series called "quantico," already making history as the first indian actor to have a lead role on an american show and welcome to "good morning america." >> thank you very much. super excited to be here. >> how does that sound to you to
8:32 am
>> i try not to think of it like that that i'm making history, i guess, because it feels really stressful and there have been so many incredible indian actors who have come and done american tv and paved the way for me to do this but it's kind of cool. >> yeah. shows like "black-ish" and "scandal," a lot more diversity. >> i think if you look around you right now, the girl next door looks different. you can't say she looks a certain way and i think that's the best time to be in entertainment because it's global. >> so "quantico," you play a rookie. >> a rookie and an agent. "quantico" moves in two time soprano, one is in the present and the future. in the future i'm already an agent, grand central station ablown up and because i'm the brown girl so i'm framed for it then there's the present in which i'm a rookie learning to be an fbi agent and they go together -- >> sounds great. >> there's drama and there's sexiness and there's smarts and
8:33 am
it's basically quintessential good tv. >> let's see a little bit. here you go. >> this is a mistake, you know. >> stop crying, agent parish. >> oh, my god, miranda, what are you doing here. >> we have to get you out of here. >> suspenseful. >> i'm excited about it. >> 50 s under your tiny belt. >> almost 50 movies. i think -- >> 49 1/2. >> what made you decide to take the leap to television to u.s. television? >> i think it was abc actually. kelly lee who is the vice president of abc casting came to india to meet me.
8:34 am
i just want to do a part that is ethnically -- i want to be cast for my merit. >> ethnically ambiguous. >> that's the world today. >> yes. >> where we are going. >> and music videos, songs, music videos. you've worked with the likes of pit bull,, what's that experience been like. >> amazing. i didn't have time between india and the movies i'm doing in india and now my tv show, i've been a bad mom to my music early but dying to go back in the studio working with and pit bull and it's amazing. >> you know what pit bull -- taught me to make a hit song even the russians should be able to sing it so, boom, boom, boom. >> repeat it. repeat it. genius. he taught you that. you have agreed to teach us how
8:35 am
to do a little dancing. >> bollywood which is the same thing, first of all bollywood is where everyone breaks out into spontaneous choreographed dancing and then the macarena comes on or whenever watch me whip, watch me nae nae. we all break out into choreographed dancing. >> our stage manager. >> oh, all -- >> everyone, everyone. >> come on, ginger, let's do it. belly dancing. >> i wish shakira would teach me that. >> pick a song. >> i think this is it. >> and we can "quantico" it, okay? so put your hand on your holster, hand on your holster, one hand is tied behind the back of your back and move, just move. it's all hips. it's all hips. >> so now you just look -- >> shoot, shoot, shoot. there you go. that's bang, bang. bang, bang, ladies and
8:36 am
gentlemen. another day >> i don't think these are traditional bollywood moves. >> ginger. "quantico," everybody, this woman is fantastic. the show premieres sunday night 10:00, 9:00 central on abc.
8:37 am
>> should we do some bang-bang >> you don't want to miss the show and more of our beautiful priyanka. but for now we're headed indoors. >> thank you. live coming up, as well, but right now "gma's" yahoo your day and we have the new iphone 6s goes for a test drive. yahoo >> i'm dr. david pogue director of the yahoo! tech labs. i'm often asked how do you test the things you test? well, today you're about to find out. our subject, the iphone 6s. claim number one, faster fingerprint recognition. this should be easy. on your mark, get set, recognize.
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tt2w`tiy@4t. bt@q4w@ tt2w`tiy@4t. "a@q$[$ tt2w`tiy@4t. bm@q/p( tt4w`tiy@4t." dztq fjh tt4w`tiy@4t." entq 6n( tt4w`tiy@4t." gzt& /ip tt4w`tiy@4t." hnt& ?g< tt4w`tiy@4t." iztq u.d tt4w`tiy@4t." jntq g^$ tt4w`tiy@4t." lzt& _3x "the walk," a tightrope was strung between the twin towers. 110 stories over manhattan and walked across it without a safety net. joseph gordon-levitt is already getting oscar buzz.
8:41 am
take a look. >> of course, i automatically look across to the opposite tower but then i have to dare to look down. >> oh. my stomach drops just seeing that clip there. you were about 12 feet high but even that was a little scary. you learned from the great, from philippe petit himself. >> he insisted he be the first one to teach me how to do it, how to walk on the wire and put together this elaborate workshop and spent eight days straight and by the end of the day you'll be able to walk on your own. that sounds ambitious but he's such a positive thinker, so optimistic, the idea of not being able to do something never enters his mind and that's why he's able to accomplish such incredible things in were you able to. >> yeah, he turned out to be right and i think, you know, when you think that you can do something, you can. that's when you can do something.
8:42 am
>> the power of positivity. an incredible film but also -- the cinematography, so dramatic to see those twin towers back up as they were nearing construction full completion in 1974. is it fair to say they're almost a character in the movie. >> yeah, that's actually perfectly said and it's an homage to them and especially resonance talking about it here in new york city, i was here in new york on 9/11 and that's, you know what we all think of. >> a student of columbia. >> uptown in class and we all think of the tragedy any time you talk about the world trade center towers and that's appropriate. it was a horrible day. but in my experience with any tragedy it's also important to remember positive things and beautiful memories and that's what this movie is, you know, it's a beautiful, bright time at the birth of the towers. >> your performance is bright and spectacular and i was very impressed with your french accent. >> oh, thanks. >> any time you're playing someone who is still alive
8:43 am
that's intimidating enough but that french accent was spot-on. you say that was a dream come true for you. >> i really love the french language and studied it ever since i was a kid. that's what i was studying at columbia was french and, yeah, i get a big kick out of doing accents and have done a bunch of them but they've all been american accent, east coast, southern. had is the first time i tried an accent not american. >> you nailed it and philippe actually watched the film and after he saw the film he called you. >> he called me, yeah, and he was like, you're the first one i want to call, you know, i just want to tell you i love the movie, it's so important to me you represent my art, my work so well and i wanted to tell -- he's the kind of guy, you know, he's an honest man and if he didn't like the movie, i don't think he would have called me. i think he would have just folded his arms and not said anything. >> the best endorsement from the man himself. you mentioned when i was a kid. it is friday and we like to call
8:44 am
it flashback friday and found a clip of you, one of your very first appearances on "good morning america." you were 14 years old. let's take a look. >> now you've been doing this since you were, what, 6. >> 6. >> agent, somebody a casting direct saw you. >> and asked my mom -- >> hey, mom -- >> get in this movie. >> no, just would you like to get represented? we just said, well, okay, why not. my hope, pay for college but beto be on "good morning america." >> is it safe to say that your acting career covered that tuition? >> oh, yeah, that's what it was at the beginning, you know, my parents and i, we never thought that it would turn into my life's work or anything. we just thought, hey, nopefullyhopefully get a few jobs age pay for college. >> you're fantastic in the movie, joseph, thanks so much for being with us. "the walk" is in theaters nationwide on friday.
8:45 am
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nice friday crowd out here in times. we are so happy our friend chris harrison is here with a brand-new gig. "who wants to be a millionaire." >> you'll see big changes coming up on the show, not only the host but changes in the format you might remember from the original version. he's one of the busiest hosts in hollywood. from "the bachelor." >> i am chris harrison. >> reporter: to the miss america pageant. >> miss georgia! >> reporter: now bringing that quick wit -- >> unfortunately, you can't take it back but you don't need to, it's right. >> reporter: to the game show world as the new host of -- >> who wants to be a "paul blart: mall cop" their. >> reporter: we caught up with
8:48 am
him in new york city's central park. >> i love that we're surrounded by half naked people like being on "the bachelor." i guess what's old is new again and kind of have gone back to the original drama of the money tree, 14 questions from 500 to 1 million. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: his past as a local sportscaster. >> i loved looking back and seeing some of your clips. >> i had some serious anchor hair. >> you warrant to do play-by-play. >> coming in on the warning track. oh. >> reporter: we even played our own version of "millionaire." >> all: let's play "gma millionaire." >> the tribeca film festival was co-founded by which of these new york actors? tim robbins, robert de niro, al pacino, christopher walken. >> "b," de niro. niro. the plaza famously features a portrait of what children's book
8:49 am
mad line, polyanna, eloise or identify di. >> i'll go "c," eloise. >> since all of your friends helped i'm going to say, you are correct. >> what did you think of the new host? >> amazing. fantastic. >> that answer, also correct. >> he comes to play every time. >> a lot of fun. it's true people do not wear a lot of clothes in central park in the summer.
8:50 am
okay, we're going to do this. we're going to bust the fitness myths that stop you from having the body you want. so, does an extreme workout do more than a normal one? does punching iron make you bulky. does a hot workout make you lose weight. next week it's fit week on "gma." >> we have to give a shoutout to our studio audience. they have some great ideas for halloween. >> one bad idea and a lot of great ideas. >> how about our audience helping out with a little bollywood dancing, a "gma" rewind for you and our studio crew, as well. getting in on the act. >> also, don't miss the season premiere of "shark tank" tonight. maybe a little dancing there.
8:51 am
have a great weekend. i'm ken rosato. we have been bringing you live coverage of the papal visit.
8:52 am
arrived at the united nations. here is a live look. the pontiff appears that he is speaking at the general assembly. the vatican says that pope francis is expected to discuss the need for peace and the plight of refugees. shortly after his arrival, the holy father met with the secretary general and his wife. we just spoke with a doctor who met the pope this morning at the home of the papal nuncio. he was one of 25 people selected to meet the pontiff through catholic charities. >> talking to everybody, take his time to hear and most important he pray with us and he bless us to make sure that we go outside and dot same for the people in our community. >> now, there are already a lot of road closures in effect for the pope's visit. let's check the commute with heather o'rourke. >> we have a lot of closures on the upper west side of manhattan with the processional starting later this afternoon. 77 through 61st street -- through 61st street to central
8:53 am
utilize mass transit. until 7:00 p.m. extra trains and buses, path have extra service. metro north extra service starting at 10:20 this morning. alternate side of the street parking rules suspended. metered are in effect. ken, back to you. >> meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> your 9:00 temperature is 66 degrees. we have a mixture of sun and clouds. a beautiful day for the pope's visit on this friday. 75, breezy, perfect weatherment wind out of the northeast, gorgeous. tomorrow sun and high clouds, high 74. more clouds sunday with breaks of sun and high of 72. >> thank you, sir. that's the news i'm sigourney weaver, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world... like our state parks. the adirondacks are my favorite. for hiking, fishing, camping, you name it. niagara falls is the oldest state park, but visiting it never gets old. the readers of a national newspaper voted letchworth the #1 state park in america.
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